what happens, a journal of poets theater, Toby Altman & Bianca Rae Messinger, 2020-present

hero systems, a reading and performance series run by , Jonathan Aprea , Giovanna Olmos and Bianca Rae Messinger from 2013 to 2015

past readers

 Sarah Jean Alexander, Todd Anderson, Jonathan Aprea, Peter BD, Gabby Bess, Ana Bocizevic, Aeliana Nicole Boyer, Lorenzo Bueno, Macgregor Card, Corina Copp, Leopoldine Core, Cecilia Corrigan, Ashley D'Arcy, Andrew Durbin, Spencer Everett,

  Ana Fabrega, Ben Fama, Carolyn Ferrucci, Alina Gregorian, Jeffrey Grunthaner, Lyric Hunter, Kenya Johnson, Jesse Kohn, Aaron James Kuhn, Dorothy Lam, Sophia Le Fraga, Mark Leidner, Clara Lipfert, Spencer Madsen, Marshall Mallicoat, Kalliopi

   Mathios, Matt Nelson, Bobbi Salvor Menuez, Meghan O'Connor, Morgan Parker, Willis Plummer, Ru Puro, Nicole Reber, Victoria Reis, Alexander Rocine, Bunny Rogers, Halo Rossetti, James Allister Sprang, Jacob Steinberg, Andrew Weatherhead,

    Andrew Worthington, Ana Yvelyse

Press & Related Events

Hero Systems Presents Poetry Night at CuatroH, New York, Purple Magazine, 2015

 hero systems featured in conjunction with the panel "It ain't where ya from, it's where ya at; but not like that" hosted by Devin Kenny as a part of the show "Greater New York" @ MoMAPS1, December 2015